Patrick Farrar

Open Sourcing My Angular 1 Boilerplate Project


Over the years of developing software I've always tried to build internal tools that help to reduce redundant tasks. These tools have helped me save time when fleshing out ideas and getting concepts off the ground quickly. One project that was very helpful for me which may help others is an Angular 1 Boilerplate template that I've used over the years many times over to get the ball rolling on projects.

Some people think that my work is like this

I honestly wish i could confirm that (I have far better monitors), but nevertheless it is fun to be able to contribute.

Repo found here =>
The project is currently an Angular 1.5.x application with Bootstrap 3, Moment.js, Underscore.js, Chart.js, Font Awesome and Leaflet.js with Gulp.js tasks to build and minify the SASS and JS code.

You might be thinking, "Why are you open sourcing an AngularJS project when we are at Angular 6 already?" 2 reasons for open sourcing this;

  1. Contributing to the community regardless if the code is not the latest greatest framework can provide value somewhere.
  2. Helps me to look back on the previous code I've written and learn from past code to figure out how to move forward.
So in the future I will be looking back on older codebases and projects to see if there are other opportunities to do this in the future.

For details information about this project visit and look at the code hosted on GitHub


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